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Note that currently there are no known Wii Emulators eside for the one supplied with the Revolution devolpment kits that were sent out to Nintendo licensed developers. This Nintendo made Wii emulator for testing games has not been leaked or made ublicly awailable do to strict Non-disclosure clauseses in Nintendo contracts. This emulator togather with Hardware emulatiors is used for testing Wii roms that are in production. - virtual console news, game reviews, vc hacks and mods. - wii emu. emulation news and tools download. - nintendo wii roms. - wii rom information. - revolution romz. - nintendowii. - remotes, wiimotes, classic joystick. - wii modchips, mods, wii mod-chip installation. - gameboy, gbc, gba, sp, ds, wii website.

About Emulators.

A hardware emulator is an emulator which takes the form of a hardware device. Examples include printer emulators inside the ROM of the printer, and FPGA-based emulators.

A popular use of emulators is to mimic the experience of running arcade games or console games on personal computers. Emulating these on modern desktop computers is usually less cumbersome and more reliable than relying on the original machines, which are often old and hard to find, let alone repair.



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